Friday, August 31, 2012

DC Drama

 WWII Memorial

Back in June, Mr. Tide and I snuck away for an overnight in DC.  We were actually there less than 24 hours, and because we live within driving distance of the city, it almost seemed silly to rent a hotel room, especially considering the fact that we spent a grand total of about 6 hours in it!

But this was not a pleasure trip, I was asked by an art dealer to shoot images of the monuments and iconic places we all associate with our nation's capital.

 The Jefferson Memorial

I was actually thrilled to be going to a place I've been so many times before to capture glimpses of this beautiful city from my perspective.  I thought it would be nice to slow down and actually soak in the sites the way a first time visitor might, not an easy feat when you are used to zooming through the city to get elsewhere, or dragging a bunch of third graders around the Smithsonian for the umpteenth time!

 Jefferson Memorial

When we visit Europe, or any place outside of our own stomping grounds it's easy to be excited about what might be around every corner, soaking in the atmosphere and drinking up the architecture and vibe of that unfamiliar territory.  But when we live so nearby to places that others dream of visiting...well, we can become a little jaded.  Instead we are interested more in complaining about the traffic, the tourists, the traffic (ugh, just voted the worst in the country and for good reason), and we forget how special that place really is.

Do you think people living in Rome or Paris do the same thing?!  Take for granted the Eiffel Tower or being able to wander around ancient ruins?...probably, it is human nature after all.  Just ask most New Yorker's about the traffic and the tourists and I bet you would get similar responses.  But for those of us who live too far to just drop by those cities, we can't begin to imagine under appreciating all that they have to offer.

 WWII Memorial

Because it was June, really the height of tourist season in a city that never is without tourists, I decided that night shots would be my friend, though I did sneak in a few daytime shots.  And although the crowds were much smaller at 3 am...they were still there.  Shooting using angles is a photographers best friend when it comes to cropping out unwanted peeps in your photos.

The WWII Memorial, like all of the war memorials, is such a poignant and haunting place, especially at night.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

When you visit these memorials, you can't help but feel humbled by what they represent, and it renews a sense of pride in you and this city.

Iwo Jima Memorial

Strolling around after midnight on a hot summer's night, you can almost taste the history that surrounds you.

 Lincoln Memorial

Though DC is often known for its political drama...especially these days, there is another sort of drama I prefer to focus on.  Beautiful architecture, an abundance of culture, and a beauty uniquely its own.

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Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Quite the best I have seen of the WWII and Viet Nam(with Washington's)
    memorials! They stand out of this excellent crop. And of course the top shot IS a TOP SHOT.

    Weekend Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  2. I get it..I haven't been "on the strip" in over 20 years.

    of course DC is NOT the ya :D

  3. Gorgeous photos!!!! Have a great weekend! Hope you are feeling better and better every day! :) donna

  4. Kat, these are extraordinary. Love the night shots. 3 am, huh. Wow, that is dedication.

  5. What stunning photos. Isn't it interesting to see it from an "outsiders" eyes? You did yourself proud! Each photo is a wonderful tribute to the subject- xo Diana

  6. Very very nicely done, Kat. Absolutely love your nighttime perspectives of DC.

  7. I have never seen the Iwo Jima Memorial from that angle. I absolutely love seeing the world through your eyes!

  8. I miss living within a very short drive of DC. I could walk the mall and visit the monuments over and over. Absolutely love our Nation's Capital.

  9. Kat, it is SO true about
    seeing a city differently
    when you slow down and
    bring out the camera : )
    Lovely shots and I hope
    that your business dealings
    were a big success!

    I had a play date with Linda
    yesterday at IKEA and she
    shared about your car
    accident....Hope you are
    both well and on your way
    to full recovery. Life can
    sure place some bends in
    the road, no??

    Have a wonderful Labor Day,
    sweet friend!!

    xo Suzanne

  10. That does make you look at the city through different eyes. Your photos are wonderful and feel me with pride. How blessed we are to live in this beautiful country. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  11. What beautiful photos, Kat! I have always wanted to visit DC!

  12. Gorgeous photos - I love the war memorials one especially. Shooting at night was a genius idea.

    I've just been reading back through your posts and catching up since I got back. I'm so sorry you had an accident in Williamsburg - sort of defeated the purpose of a holiday I'm guessing. I hope you are both feeling better though.

  13. These gave me goosebumps Kat! I haven't been to DC for such a long time. xo ~Lili


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