Monday, November 21, 2011

Time Flies

It seems like just yesterday I was standing overlooking a small French village from this hilltop vineyard!

But that's how time works as you get older, it seems to just fly by without much warning.  You turn around and poof, another week, month, year has drifted by and you wonder where in the heck it went, and how it slipped by without you being able to slow it down a little.

To those of you who have so patiently waited to get your photos from my last giveaway that was AGES ago, I apologize!  Time has eluded me lately, and I don't even know how, but days have turned to weeks and I just finally ordered the prints tonight!  So you will be getting your photos, just not in a timely fashion that I had intended.

Things like a broken leg (not mine but dear Ms. M), work stuff, family stuff, house stuff, have all gotten in the way of my good intentions lately.  And now the holidays are upon us...sheesh, can someone stop this crazy ride so that I can get off?   Or can you at least teleport me back to the tiny village in France where time seems to have stood still for a few centuries?!  Maybe that is the secret, going on permanent vacation where time seems to slow down just a little.  I'm all for testing out this theory, anyone want to join me?!

Apparently the universe is telling me to slow down a bit, or at least to not read or send emails anyway.  The past few months my emails have been disappearing into never, never land.  Or maybe they have just slowed down and slipped into another dimension.

So if you haven't heard from me, or if I haven't heard from you...well we are apparently communicating in my fantasy land where time slows down to a snail's pace.  At first I thought it was just my gmail, which has always given me a little bit of a fit, but my brother and our realtor have also not been receiving my emails, and those are on my regular ISP account...sigh!

So let's just all move to the tiny village in Northern France and walk to each other's houses instead of emailing, spend hours eating a meal, enjoy long walks, and I can hand out my giveaway items instead of having to order and mail them.  Sound like a plan?!

If you don't hear from me before Thanksgiving, just assume that I'm some place wonderful, and not banging my head against my keyboard which is far more likely!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


  1. Kat- I just had an Open Studio with my friend Liz and she is heading to France for the fourth time very soon.

    One of the visitors to our Open Studio was Czech, and they went on and on about the same "livable" qualities they found in small European towns. Makes me wistful...


  2. Poor Ms. M. She's been doing so well. I can see where adding a couple of small stresses can send life out of balance ... welcome to my life, and the lives of just about everyone here. Breathe, dear Kat, breathe. It really helps.

  3. Kat - get a good book, a hot bath, a lock on the door, a glass of wine, and my favorite - a little pile of gummy bears - and relax in that tub for an hour. You will feel better when you are done. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. Best wishes to Ms. M as well. I hope she's doing better.

  4. Kat, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I don't know where time goes either! I have just decided to go with the flow. I don't sweat the small stuff anymore and I find I enjoy life all the more! HUGS to you my friend!

  5. Lately time has flown by and then it has crawled. So much going on in life and I look up and the week has gone! I'm trying to slow down and enjoy the holidays. Sending your hugs and Thanksgiving blessings! Linda

  6. Keyboard head banging - not good.
    Turkey leg munching - good..
    gobble gobble

  7. Oh my gosh, that's beautiful. Serious wow here.

  8. I really wish we could walk to each other's houses and eat a wonderful, slow meal! As much as I love technology, I do miss "neighboring" as it was once called and having someone just pop in for coffee!

    Time does fly, ours seems to be all about the puppy these days. Oh well, I wanted to be needed! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your pictures are stunning!

  9. Wonderful photos Kat!

    I have not forgotten about our little Q and A with you...!!! I will get it done next week, I hope.

    Have a wonderful Turkey day with your family.

    xoxo kelley

  10. A vineyard in France sounds good to me right now, too lol!

  11. You've got the right idea Kat, escaping to the France you have captured in these images would be such a dream. xo ~Lili


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