Sunday, November 13, 2011

Call Me Crazy

Oh go ahead, I will accept the title of crazy, for any number of reasons.

I'm crazy  behind schedule on returning emails (those that even make it through, either coming or going *ugh*!), reading comments, and finishing up work.

I'm crazy ready to get that #*%$ oriental rug out of my living room that matches nothing anymore! 

But I'm crazy because I can't decide what the heck I want to replace it with...hemp? grass? kilim? sheepskin?...*sigh*!

I'm crazy for hanging some of my own artwork in my house.  It seems kind of weird to me to showcase your own artwork, but hey I'm loving it anyway!

I'm crazy for wanting to get rid of my big green sofa that is in perfect condition to replace it with something...anything...linen!

I'm crazy for wanting to blow out that wall where the chest is and put in a fireplace, for nights like tonight when you just want to sit in front of a fireplace and do nothing but watch the flames dance.

I'm crazy for wandering around the house looking for a place to stick some stalks of wheat.

I'm crazy for wanting to add on to my house so that my garage door doesn't enter into my formal living room!  Ok, that one really isn't so crazy!!

After driving 2 1/2 hours home last night and seeing houses all lit up for Christmas, apparently I am really crazy for having these all over my house.

Yes, I am one of those bah humbug people who refuses to decorate before Thanksgiving.  I've tried it once or twice...throwing out a few Christmas'y items before the last gobble is over, but it's just not me.

I don't mind it if others do it, but its just not my thing.  You see, I have lots of beautiful Thanksgiving decor, from turkeys to acorns to pumpkins.  So I embrace everything that is November, and I reserve Christmas for December, and when I'm lazy a bit of January too!

I have this feeling that if I overlooked my turkeys, never letting them see the light of day each November, they might come alive and kill me in my me crazy! :-)


  1. Kat, Nope, I won't call you crazy because that would put every one of us in the same category! We all "go crazy" trying to keep up with everything (I must say you are a step ahead of most of us because your house looks "tidy" and beautifully appointed). Where are those "stacks" of papers that seem to plague my kitchen counter????? Your artwork is amazing so it would be silly to not have such lovely pictures up in your house, and I'm from Kansas, so wheat is essential when decorating. And, yes, you are "right on"--there is a "time and place" for everything which means turkeys at Thanksgiving, Santas at Christmas. Always fun to read your posts. Oh, that little blue bird is so precious. Have a good week. Mickie :)

  2. Hi Kat,
    You sound perfectly normal to me. If you are crazy then myself and lots of other bloggers are crazy right along with you! LOL!

    Love your home. It's very pretty.


  3. Not crazy a bit, in fact, Friday I made and posted a little mixed-media piece on the subject of rushing the seasons. I'm not a Scrooge but I really love fall and would like to celebrate that season through Thanksgiving. Remember when we were little and Christmas seemed an eternity away from Thanksgiving?Now, I start to feel a little panicky the day after Halloween.

  4. You aren't crazy, girl. I will not decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving either. I am trying to figure out centerpieces and table settings for Thanksgiving since it is at my house this year. I love seagrass or other natural rugs. I love your green velvet couch, but understand wanting a change.

  5. ...and I am really crazy for doing it early, but it is now or never. I am booked solid until 12/10, and besides photographer coming the end of the week, so jingle bells it is!!!
    I sold off all my Halloween and Thanksgiving decor so no guilt or attacking gobblers there...

    I wish it could wait and I just keep telling myself I will enjoy it longer this way..or I will moan longer about how long it will take to get it all back down.
    Yeah crazy is right lol

    gobble gobble hehe

  6. All sounds totaly normal to me! Well, maybe not the being crazy for hanging your artwork. You would be crazy not to hang some!

  7. Not crazy to continue with the autumnal decor. And everything else sounds pretty sane, as well!

  8. Ha Ha, I feel the same way about those unhappy discarded mutant turkeys. So I just start adding in a few non blatant Christmas things, and then run like crazy thru the house the day after Thanksgiving, bagging it all up! Great post, there are many of us crazies out there! xo

  9. Kat,
    Sounds pretty non crazy to me! Yes, the Christmas decor comes on earlier every year. I don't have it out, but I think about it a lot.
    Your artwork is lovely and you should showcase it! Lovely wood floors and armoire.
    I've got the same feeling going with my green sofa and loveseat in the family room.
    I don't have autumnal decor. Just never did.
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. No, not crazy at all - and I'd be wanting to do something about the garage door too!
    I don't put up a single Christmas thing until the first Sunday of Advent. I'm annoyed at the tendency to decorate for Christmas in November and then pull it all down on Boxing Day. For me, the Christmas season doesn't end until Dec 6th, and I enjoy the twinkling lights until then.

  11. Crazy normal, I'd say. No wonder you like your art, it is beautiful and why shouldn't you get to enjoy it too. We had our Thanksgiving back in October, but I'm just at the gathering ideas point of decorating for Christmas. Late November is for me, although I don't mind that the neighbours are starting to put up their outdoor lights as it gets dark here so early now.

  12. I am with you on neutral grassy rugs and neutral linen sofas. None of which I have either but wishing does not make you crazy or me.

  13. Not crazy at all. Your artwork is so gorgeous, it'd be a shame not to display it in your own home. I don't put out any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving, but I am already thinking about this year's Christmas card and what new crafts I might make this year.

  14. I like your living toom! But I can see that before we put up any kind of decorations, we want to weed out the unwanted. I have an area rug coming any day and I said if it comes after the Christmas tree is up...forget it until January.

    I love natural rugs and I go to a site called Natural Area and you can basically design your own rug with borders, etc. The prices and quality are great!

    Love the picture of the definitely should hang your own work!

    Christmas is coming to out house the weekend after Thanskgiving and not a minute later...I am always behind the eight ball! lol!

    Hope you had a good weekend, Kat!


  15. I don't think you are crazy.....I have many turkeys in my life too....but they won't stop talking....smiles

  16. I think this time of year brings out the "Crazies" in all of us! So much to do and so little time. I just try to keep telling myself to just enjoy the season and do the best I can!

  17. It's okay to be a bit crazy. I wouldn't want that garage door to enter right into my living room either! Who designs houses like that anyway? Men?

  18. Kat, I don't think any of those things are crazy! I especially love the fireplace idea!! Good luck getting a new rug and sofa!

  19. Around these parts, we love crazy. Heck...we put our crazies out on the front porch for all the neighbors to see. Want to join me in a rocker, BUT if wanting November to be November and December, December is crazy talk...that porch is gonna get mighty crowded.

  20. You are not crazy at all! Or maybe you are, which then makes me crazy, which is fine with me. :) I think that crazy is the new normal. :) The fireplace sounds awesome, I know that I would never be without one anymore. :)
    I hope you are getting caught up with things and that you enjoyed your weekend.

  21. You're not crazy at all Kat. Your house is beautiful and as for Christmas - I'm just like you - I like Christmas to be - well, within the season of Christmas too.

  22. I am visiting from over at ForGetMeNot. You struck a cord with me when you mentioned you refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I, too am a believer in waiting as well. Your blog is lovely. I will be spending sometime visiting earlier posts. Bonnie

  23. Oh I hate the "push" on all of the holidays. Halloween decor in stores in August and Christmas being rushed right after Halloween, guess the stores don't make money off Thanksgiving so skip right over it.

    A note on your sofa, get a couple of painters canvas drop cloths from Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. and drape your sofa. It can cheaply help you decide if you really want to either make a slipcover for it or have it reupholstered. I know a coupe who make the drop cloths into slipcovers, they are cheap, wear like iron, and can be easily washed.

  24. I've noticed lots of early Christmas decorations this year, too. More so than usual. I'm not sure why, but I guess they're feeling festive :)

  25. Well I'm crazy about your beautiful home! And I'm with you on the wait until December for Christmas decor, although I do enjoy a peek of it in magazines/blogs to get me excited for the season. xo ~Lili

  26. Love all your crazy ideas, Kat...and your artwork looks so awesome on your wall. I'm always in transition at my house...the front porch is now dressed in greens (before its too cold and frozen to do it) and the foyer has Chinese lanterns AND a snowman lol!

  27. Hey Crazy, it's your old
    pal Crazy-er! I'm feeling
    the same way these days;
    so many things I want to
    do, so little time to do
    them all. That said, we have
    the Restoration Hardware
    version of your sphere
    chandelier being delivered
    soon as well as new sconces.
    Finally made a decision;
    hooray! Love your turkeys.
    Don't let them down : )

    xx Suzanne


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