Monday, October 21, 2013

Remains of the Day

As some of you know, from my last post, we had a guest here over the weekend.  It was a short but sweet visit amounting to just under 24 hours.

Our guest was Kate from Chronicles of a Country Girl, a blogger I have long admired.  I have always been drawn to Kate's beautiful images, but even more so to her kind, honest, and heartfelt approach to blogging.


I've only met one other blogger in real life (Connie), and I'm happy to say that both she and Kate are exactly the same in real life as they are on their blogs. 

I am always a little nervous to meet new people, though you would never know it by how much I ramble on once I do, it's part of my nervousness I think.  And though my rambling never really diminishes, I do settle in to a more comfortable pace once I get to know just takes a few meetings.

I think I worry whether I'm truly showing someone a good time, whether they are comfortable, and whether or not I'm conveying the southern style hospitality my mother instilled in me.  

Though our dogs barked a lot, especially because there was a party going on across the street, and the weather didn't fully cooperate so that we could go kayaking, or even spend much time outside, Kate was a very gracious guest.

She gifted us with a lovely candle, bottle of chardonnay which we shared by a bonfire, and she was even thoughtful enough to bring Quinn and Misty Belle some yummy organic treats!...thank you again!

She easily conversed with our children, connected with our dogs and gave them lots of love, leaving us all sad to see her go when she left after breakfast on Sunday.  The pups were a little put out that their new friend had disappeared so quickly. 

Kate has a calm presence, an easy going manner, and an amazing outlook considering all she's been through in the past few weeks, months, and years.  I'm so glad she took a chance and drove all that way to come see us, and we hope it will just be the first of many visits to come.

Thank you Kate, it was so wonderful to have you with us, if only for a short time! 


  1. Oh my gosh! And I just wrote about my visit to your place. You and Scott are the most gracious host and hostess ever. Your home is so comfortable and your family is just lovely. Was that what you were doing? Nervous rambling? Ha! It was so nice to visit you and I hope to be invited back.

  2. I just came from her blog not knowing it was you - sweet to see the other half of the story!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  3. What a wonderful time you had! I've loved every blogger I've met and some you just really click with. And I'm a rambler like you, just afraid of empty air.

    I have to visit Kate. Any friend of yours must be super sweet! :)


  4. So glad that Kate's visit went so well (I just read her account of it over on her blog).

    I am proud to call you my friend, dear Kat.

  5. How wonderful that you have met two bloggers and felt so comfortable with both of them. What a blessing. I am so glad that you enjoyed Kate's visit. I'm sure she has as much fun being there as you had having her there. Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  6. It was so good of you to offer your hospitality to Kate! I'm so glad the week-end was a good experience for everyone - pups included.:-)

  7. Oh Kat this was so much fun to read and I was looking forward to it having known beforehand about your visit! Pretty pretty pictures and I just know you were such a gracious hostess even though we have never met. You described Kate spot on...she really does have such a calm demeanor. So glad you two finally connected. This was so nice to read! xo

  8. Meeting other bloggers is so fun. Because I have a store, I have been fortunate to meet quite a few. I love having bloggers visit. Look forward to catching up with you in person, Kat! :)

  9. I'm so glad to hear you had a good time with Kate. It would be fun to meet you and some other bloggers sometime. This summer I was at a flea market in a town nearby and heard a mom and her daughter admiring a santos in one of the tents and for some reason her voice just seemed so familiar. I looked up and at the same time she saw me and I said kind of surprised Lorraine??? and she said June??? It was so cool since her blog was one of favorite's (Paperbird) She's the first blogger I have met. She is exactly who I thought she was, it was great!
    It was so interesting to read that you too are shy to meet new people. I get so anxious and I also rattle on and I am sure I don't appear scared at all. I think mine comes from being so confined to home since I am Landon's full time caregiver and I really don't get out much except in our own little town. It may also be because I really have no sophistication at all LOL!
    I adore your photos and wish I lived closer to you so you could help me take better photos. I am in awe of them always.
    sending hugs...

  10. Nervous Nellly? I think not. The way you open your home and heart with your soulful photos and words tells me you are the epitome of Southern grace. Your mama would be proud.

  11. I am visiting here via Kate's blog A Country Girl and I find myself wondering how I have never managed to visit before! What gorgeous photography! I love your blog and will be stopping by more often indeed.

    Although I consider myself shy I also find myself talking nervously when either meeting new people or if no one else is we have that in common!

  12. I realized when I saw you had left me a comment, that your posts haven't been showing up in my feed for quite while. I need to go check on that right now. I am glad you had a nice visit. I get nervous meeting new people too, particularly those that I have met online and feel like I "know them" but I haven't met them. So far I have met only 1 blogger, but 2 writers from my pre-blogging days. Every time it has been really great, but I have been a wreck ahead of time. Your photos as always are stunning!

  13. This sounds like such a lovely visit, Kat! It's amazing how it feels like you already know a blogger when you finally meet!

  14. It sounds like your time spent with Kate was exactly the way you would have wanted it to be. I'm sure she left with warm feelings in her heart.
    Your images are warm, and give a feeling of comfort...they convey the mood of the time spent at your lovely home.

  15. love that we find each much love.....smiles!

  16. Kat, glad it went so well. I need to visit
    Kate's blog--I'm not sure I've "met her,"

    I have met three local bloggers that I
    followed, here in town and they are now
    all friends. I have also met a few out
    of town when I've traveled, which was a
    bit more nerve racking, but fun. I hope
    we can meet someday.....I don't feel like
    there would be much rambling due to nerves!

    xo Suzanne

  17. Hello Kat,
    Oh yes... meeting blog friends is so super FUN! The past few weeks I have a lot of them and this weekend I will be meeting more...oh my!!!


  18. Thanks to Kate, I have found you! What a glorious set of photographs you have on display. WOW! I will be back!


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