Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Simply Put

In keeping with my Coastal Cottage Christmas theme, I decided to decorate my living room sparingly and mostly with natural elements.  On top of the TV armoire, I added numbered mixing bowls (which were a birthday gift from my daughter last year), and filled them with fresh cedar.  Starfish resting between each bowl adds a touch of beachy'ness and conveys the coastal feel that I wanted to have all throughout the house this year.  The two musical Santas on the far left are from the 1960s and bring back memories of my childhood as my mom put them out every year.   I also love that their bright red outfits add a pop of Christmas color to the room.

I filled my glass wall vase with sprigs of cypress and tucked a single white poinsettia blossom in it to continue the green and white theme.  The white chenille throw belonged to my grandmother, and most likely dates from the 50s.  The nautical themed pillow was a steal that I got from Williams-Sonoma Home last year, I think I paid $19 for it and it included the down insert and free shipping...woohoo!


Simply put, I didn't spend a dime on this decor, and you have to love that this time of year when spending can get out of hand.  

I hope you are all off to a great week, and that you've found your groove this holiday season!


  1. Love it all. Yes, the spending can get out of hand. Hubby told me I have $600 to spend on everyone. What?! He said we don't need anything. I reminded him that our Christmas has already been ordered. He then said, oh yea, well $300 for everybody!! He is kidding, I think.

  2. This is lovely and refreshing Kat - I still haven't a clue what if anything I will do for Christmas (will my freesias be out by then?), but this is a beautiful direction!

  3. I love the simplicity and purity of green and white. It looks beautiful

  4. The green and white is so striking Kat! I just love the beachy and natural elements you are using and the way you have mixed them in with those precious family items that hold such warm memories too. xo ~Lili

  5. Your Coastal Christmas theme is wonderful! Love it

    xoxo kelley

  6. Hi Kat,
    Hope all is well!
    I just love the simplicity of this...so sweet!

    I'm a big fan of your coastal theme:)

  7. It looks simply beautiful Kat. I love your header too, those are some amazing photos.
    Enjoy your week!!

  8. It does look so pretty and uncluttered. I'm not buying anything new this year...using what I have or getting ornies at the thrift store. I love the starfish...and your new banner! ♥

  9. Your cabinet is gorgeous, Kat! I love the numbered bowls...I think I have the same ones from Wisteria. They are my favorite!


  10. What a great gift those bowls were and you styled them so prettily with the greenery and starfish.

  11. OH I love this, Kat...I am in a simple frame of mind this year, too. Love the bowls with the starfish and greens! Your header is wonderful!


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