Saturday, December 27, 2014

That Time Again

The packages have all been opened...

The snacks have all been eaten...

And Christmas 2014 is now just a happy memory.

2014 has been a good year for us, and I'm hoping 2015 will be even better...we have much to be grateful for and many things to look forward to in the coming year.

I hope you've had a lovely holiday so far, and that the New Year will bring you Health, Happiness, and Joy!


  1. Thank you, Kat! Wishing the same for you! Love these wonderful photos...your dogs are beautiful!

  2. Thanks Kat! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best in the New Year as well. I wish our dog would sit still for better photos. Yours are so cute.

  3. Dear Kat, I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all the best in 2015!

  4. Kat, I am so glad you had a wonderful Christmas and 2014!! We had a lovely and wonderful Christmas also!! I wish you a very Happy New Year!! I love that picture of the pups, so beautiful!!


  5. Kat, Happy New Year to you and yours, too. We had a nice Christmas and enjoyed our friends and family.
    Love your photos!


  6. Happy New Year to you Kat! I how 2015 is as good for you as this past year. Me? I am looking forward to a change!

  7. Happy, Healthy 2015 to all - and oh, those gorgeous dog faces :-)

  8. Love seeing your doggies! They're such a sweet pair. I'm sad the holidays are over, but am excited for the new year. Hope one of your resolutions is to post just a little more often. :) I love seeing your beautiful photography.

  9. Oh, your pups are beautiful! I love border collies? (australian shepard ?) Such smart dogs. You know already that my husband helps many of the ranchers herd their cows to spring pastures and I don't know what they would do without them along the way. Sometimes they are a little too anxious to get the cattle going if they are too young, and bite their heels, but maybe I was a lot like that when I was young too :)))) They are so loyal and loving. Our very first dog together looked much like yours. I still miss her.
    Warmest wishers for a wonderful 2015 Kat. I hope it is every bit as good as this past year, and better!
    sending hugs...

  10. So beautiful--- omgosh-,the photos are just gorgeous---
    Happy New Year dear Kat. I hope the new year is bright and full of blessings for you and your family, I love to visit your blog-- your photos leave footprints on my soul-


  11. Happy 2015, Kat!

    I hope that your year
    is off to a wonderful start.
    I've been easing my way
    back into routines this week : )

    Beautiful pictures, as always!

    xo Suzanne

  12. Happy New Year, Kat!! I always love seeing photos of the pups :) Please share more of your beautiful photos of them in 2015!!! Sending warm greetings on this frigid day! xoxo


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