Monday, October 13, 2014

Winding Down

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my last post!  It makes my heart sing to see so many beautiful comments about our daughter's special day!

We have spent the last week catching up and relaxing.  The new phone I bought is a Galaxy S5, and I am starting to take some pictures with it.  The image above was taken last Monday, as we all were getting back into the swing of things following the festivities.  What better way to unwind than a paddle in the kayaks right?!  Those are my in-laws, chilling out after a hectic few days.

So far I have to say that my new phone does an amazing job of taking photos, and I'm wondering why I waited so long to replace my old one!

Of course I can't ever really imagine relying solely on a cell phone for all of my photography needs, but who knows, it could happen!

The cosmos we planted are putting on a pretty spectacular show now that the weather is cooler.  I took both of the flower images with my regular camera, and then added a texture to each pic.

It's amazing how $20 worth of seed can bring us so much happiness, but it's true that these flowers provide us joy every single time we pull into our driveway or look out the front door.

I know their days are numbered as our nights edge ever closer toward the freezing mark, but for now I will drink in their bright color and devil may care attitude towards the weather.

As I type this, the windows are open and we are enjoying a bit of an Indian summer...oh to be able to bottle up these days and break them out come mid-January or February.  I guess even Mother Nature deserves a little winding down after her hectic spring and summer.

Enjoy your week! xo


  1. The cosmos are so are your beautiful photos, Kat! Enjoy these Indian Summer days...

  2. Lovely photos! We just returned from Maine.....the fall foliage was spectacular. Didn't want to leave. So warm here in DC today! Cheers

  3. Pretty photos of the cosmos. I use my Samsung for shots as well. Though nothing will replace my DSLR, I have different cameras (even a waterproof point-and-shoot) for different reasons. It's fun and I like the challenge.


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