Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Place to Sit a Spell

Not much new here.  As a matter of fact, I am typing this post with my left arm propped up on a towel on the arm of my desk chair.  It helps provide some cushion, and it, along with all of the acupuncture and doctor visits, is helping to resolve this pinched nerve.  Which is good, because patience is NOT my strong suit!

I have never been one to do things part way, which is how I got the pinched nerve to begin with.  I have been planking as part of my new exercise routine and apparently you aren't supposed to do it for as long or as intensely as I thought was appropriate, nor should you do it on a floor that isn't properly padded!

The one benefit of being pig headed is that sometimes our bodies force us to stop and slow down a bit when our minds would otherwise prevent such reprieves.

See that little hole in the vines draped from every branch of the huge poplar tree?  It is one of the favorite parts of my yard, I feel like it is my own little looking glass onto the creek.  Now that I have lots of computer free time, I often go out into the back yard as the light is waning and just stare through it as though it is a magical camera lens!

I haven't been using my camera much lately but last night I decided to take it along on my evening outing.

I always have company when I'm outside, and last night Misty Belle decided that a ball would help her entertain us while we sat.  She was correct as she acts like a complete loony toon when she has her favorite ball outside with her.  She doesn't expect us to throw it, in fact she prefers we not touch it at all, but she thoroughly enjoys playing with it, and in the process brings great joy to us, the onlookers.

The view if you look sideways from our chairs is out towards the field and the setting is always lovely this time of day.

We also have a hammock in this area, but last night I chose to sit in the chairs...having options is a wonderful thing don't you think?! ;)

Our Cosmos are just beginning to bloom and they look beautiful!  The foliage of Cosmos is almost as lovely as the blossoms themselves in my humble opinion.  It is a delicate, almost fluffy plant, topped off by flowers in shades that range from deep lavender to bright white in the mix that we purchased.  The petals spread wide to the heavens as though they are cupping every last drop of sunlight, while the foliage seems to hug the spindly blossoms and give them a cloud like base from which to grow.

After my jaunt around the yard, it was time to head back inside as the sun was setting.  Back inside I was greeted with the fact that we no longer have a proper place to sit in our living room.  We gave our son our old sectional couch for his new apartment.  I was thrilled at the possibility of replacing it, even though it was still in amazing shape, and I decided it would be fun to go out shopping for a new sofa after all of these years.

It turns out that as I get older, shopping really isn't my thing anymore.  I think it may be because I know exactly what I want, and I either can't afford it or I simply can't find it?!  I was tempted to rush into something that was "good enough," but instead I think I will take my time and wait until I find just what I want.  That of course means that I need to decide between color or neutral, skirted or not skirted, slipcovered or not, three cushion or two...the list goes on and one...hence the wait.

For now, I will simply enjoy the sad wing chairs we dragged together in one part of the room and my lovely coffee table which I hope will fit the new vision for the room.  I would LOVE to hear your opinions, experiences, etc. on different brands of sofas as I begin this quest to find a place to sit a spell.  Right now I'm leaning toward Lee Industries and maybe Hickory Chair...thoughts?


  1. Sofa shopping is sooo stressful! The kind I really really love are way too expensive.. and it seems hard to find one that is comfortable, attractive, in a color or pattern that is live-with-able for a long time, practical, etc. etc. etc.

    Good luck! Ooh, and I don't plank anymore, because it's just too much stress on my neck/shoulder region.

  2. I send wishes for quick recovery to you!

    Sofa shopping! Not an easy task, though it would be made simpler if I had an unlimited budget.:-) Is there someplace near you that does custom work? There was one in a small town that our daughter used for her hide-a-beds. They did really nice work.

  3. I take my time with purchases, too...which explains why we still have old furniture with slipcovers. But I often just do the legwork and take photos with my phone...
    Your photos are just beautiful, Kat. I can feel myself relaxing, just looking at them. I love the cosmos photo especially.
    Hope you get back to feeling better soon!

  4. I love that view through the trees - really beautiful. Hope you're better soon.

  5. Kat, your evening views are so pretty. Hammock for me...
    I hear ya about trying to do more and paying for it. Dealing
    with such issues myself. Stinks!

    I'd love a new sofa, too. Flexsteel makes a durable sofa.
    I won't buy another without 8-way hand tied springs.

    Good luck on your quest.

  6. You have been wanting to move on from that sectional for a long time now ... giving it to your son was exactly the excuse that you needed. Shopping for a new one? Would rather be hung by my toes, don't ya know.

    Ya think that maybe you should work on being less pig-headed?

  7. Ah sofa shopping..... Tis a timely post for myself and partner A have just resolved our sofa quest for our new abode. It was indeed a journey fraught with danger and peril but in the end quality and comfort overruled design and looks and we're now awaiting delivery of a large corner unit which will take up a large area of the snug. But it fits our needs for this room, it will be a place to relax, watch the box, and will wrap itself around us on the coming winters eves as we snuggle in front of our first real fire. You should always buy what is best for you and as for being pig headed and waiting for what's right...its the best way.

  8. Dear Kat, I have loved catching up on your beautiful photography but am so sorry to hear about your injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hope the remainder of the summer is uneventful!

  9. Hiya Kat - I hope you are feeling better! It's been a while, and I'm catching up on your posts. Where did summer go?? The kids are all back.....nice to see the buzz on school campuses in DC. Misty Belle is looking very regal. I bet she's looking forward to the cool weather ahead. Although this has been a fabulous, cool summer, right? Beautiful photos, as always.

  10. Loving your blog and what a very beautiful wedding!


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