Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lost in Transition

While getting rid of some of the spam comments on my blog this past week, I realized that lots of comments are getting hung up in the system somehow.  I noticed comments I had never received, nor responded to, which had been posted on my blog that I was completely unaware of.

These were not spam comments, but thoughtful comments left by kind people and I never even thought to check each post to see the comments, because the comments are supposed to show up in my email.  Yet another thing about blogging that makes me sigh.

Although I don't respond to each and every comment that comes my way, I hate thinking that I've missed some and never would have known about them had I not gotten rid of spam, which seems to be well equipped at getting through.  So to those of you who I've missed, please know that it wasn't intentional, it was simply absentmindedness on my part!

We have been plugging along with the massive garage clean up...yup it was that messy that it's taken this long to remedy, and it's still not perfect, but much closer to perfection than it has been in 7 years...and that makes me very happy!

The time consuming part is that we couldn't just throw stuff out en masse, but we had to open each box and container to see what treasures they held, then decide if they were still "our" treasures, or if we should turn them into someone else's treasures.

It's funny how something can seem so important to you at one point in your life, yet just a few years later you are ready to part with it because it no longer holds the same meaning for you that it once did.  I guess as we transition through life our priorities change right along with our tastes and sentimentality.

What we found was that we were way more sentimental about our children's books, games, and toys than they were.  When I asked our daughter if she wanted us to keep her Go Go The Walking Pup dog...a must have one Christmas when she was little as it had a leash and could walk on its own thanks to the magic of batteries...she responded with a text that read "I have no idea what Go Go The Walking Pup even is, so yes donate it!"

We got a similar reaction from our son regarding his childhood toys, except that he went online to see if they were worth anything first...ahhh to be young and in the phase where a few bucks supersedes the "remember when" factor...but his sentimental transition will come, one day.

 (Orchard Oriole)

I feel like lately I'm a little lost in transition rather than lost in translation.  My sentimentality has shifted, and I now treasure moments, not things, much more than I once did.  I've never been one to value possessions over people and memories, but sometimes parting with items that represent a certain stage or point in our lives can be difficult, especially when those items were gifts from people who are no longer here, or those items belonged to, and were treasured by those who have passed on.  Or worse yet, they magically transport you back to when your children were little.

When you get rid of those items it can be both freeing and a bit daunting.  And what is meaningful differs from person to person.  As we stood dripping with sweat in the garage sorting through childhood memories, I could see that what brought back memories of our children when they were young for Mr. Tide was often different than what I found difficult to let go of.

In the end, we were able to let go of the stuff and focus on the here and now, and the gift that we are able to make new memories, with the bonus of having a clean garage!

I can hardly believe that it is July already, back during our long winter it seemed like such a distant time, this wonderful season of summer which I love so much.  Like the toys our children once loved, the seasons are fleeting and we need to focus on the present and not long for the past or wish for the future.

I think I'm going to like being lost in transition for as long as it lasts, for we know that this too shall pass, and everything really is just one phase leading us into another throughout our lives.

I plan to keep getting rid of things which tie me down, force me to worry about them, or cause me stress over where to put them.  And I also plan to enjoy every single day in a way that I thought I had in the past, but now realize that I really wasn't.  

That means less time on the computer, which I've been enjoying SO much, more time spent with friends and family, less time worrying about having a perfect house before having everyone over for a big dinner, more walks in the evening, more time in the kayaks, and less time doing the things I don't really feel passionate about...like weeding for instance! ;)

I know many of you are in a transitional phase yourselves, and I hope you let yourself get lost a little, because knowing where you're headed all of the time can be so boring!  Happy July!


  1. Lovely post. As I get older, I get more sentimental.... And yes, the transitions are hard, they seem to get harder as I get older, too.
    As for the comments, don't feel bad - spend your time with family and friends!

  2. Love your thoughtful posts Kat! I do love a clean garage but mine is kind of a mess right now too. I keep getting rid of things but seem to find more treasures from the past hidden in corners and boxes. Just found my sons old surf board in the garage yesterday...should I go surfing?

    xo kelley

  3. Sounds like you've been very productive! I need to sort through and purge all kinds of stuff. And, they are just stuff, right? Nevertheless, the entire process is quite tedious. I'd rather be gardening :) Happy July!

  4. Lovely post, Kat! Something funny...even though my kids weren't interested in their old toys...once they had children they came back to get the toys! Legos, dinosaurs, kitchen toys, and books have all found their way to the grandchildren now lol.

  5. A wonderful post, and one I needed now that I am entering this new stage of my life. I have a closet of childhood memories. Every time I question their importance, I am told I can toss everything just not say anything when I do it. The closet remains packed. It seems the problem is mine not hers! Have a wonderful holiday weekend making memories!

  6. I know exactly what you mean. Things hold memories and to get rid of the things may get rid of the memories. Beautiful photographs here, as always, Kat.

  7. Love your heart.

    We are SO in step, my friend.

    Here's to transitions and flying

    xoxo Suzanne

  8. I found you in Artful Blogging. I just read your story and I am intrigued. I just signed up to follow your blog and I am looking forward to many more of your beautiful photographs!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  9. Oh my....I never thought of myself as being in transition...but it fits. Spending more time doing things that pertain to life, living life!! and NOT being on this computer this summer has been a bit of a transition for me. Being with my kids, and their families has brought me so much joy this season. I feel freed up from the chains that once bound me to all the things that I thought were so important before. My focus has changed dramatically from just a few months ago. This post confirms what I've been experiencing. Thank you for sharing, Kat. You've helped more than you will ever know.

  10. A wonderful post Kat! I identified with so much you have written. I have got to start parting with 'things' too, but it is just so hard to do. I did have to laugh about you not enjoying weeding. WHAT! You don't love to weed!! but kidding aside, I have gotten to where I think of it as my meditation. I actually enjoy it. Yes, what you said about things being different for each of us is so true. We all have to clean up what is hindering us and holding us back and have to decide what that is in our own lives.
    I so enjoyed this post dear friend. And oh yes, I remember Go Go :)
    hugs from here...

  11. I love this post….my sentiments exactly. It is the moments, not things that are close to my heart. Doing things, making memories, laughing, remembering…that is what matters! Excellent post!

    I have the same problem with my wordpress blog. Lovely comments get mixed in with nasty, uncalled for comments. I have approved my friends, but they still get lost. I reply through wordpress, but they do not get delivered. I will figure out how to solve this soon!

    Have a lovely day Kat! Love your photos as usual!

    xo Cindy

  12. There is something so satisfying about having a good clear-out now and again Kat. LOve that image of the bees feasting on nectar. I am also having some comment issues with blogger, I hope they find a way to rectify it soon. Hope you are having a great summer. Paul x

  13. Good for you for cleaning out the garage. It is so hard to part with things that hold sentimental value. I'm the worst at that.

  14. I must be the least boring person you'll ever meet....because I'm always a bit lost! Someone was commenting to me (over the phone) about their routine and I said, we don't have one. Every day is different. And I never know what the day will hold. I need to do more cleaning out. It feels so good. My boys didn't care about keeping anything from their childhood. They are not collectors like I am. But I've kept a few things....especially all of their art! Enjoy your week my friend! Hugs, Diane


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