Friday, March 28, 2014

Everything and Nothing

The weather here and up and down much of the eastern seaboard has not been cooperating lately.  High winds, freezing temps, snow, and now heavy rain is on its way.  I haven't been able to find anything news worthy to post, and until today, I hadn't used my camera in weeks!

I decided that instead of waiting for spring to arrive so that I could take some new pictures, I would go back into my files from our trip to Hilton Head and work on some of those images.  This little blue heron was kind enough to let me snap a few pics before flying off to parts unknown.  It was so interesting to see these much smaller versions of the great blue herons we have locally.  They look almost identical, except for the little blue's demure stature, you would swear these were just young great blues.  Come to think of it, I've never seen a young great blue heron...they must grow quickly because the ones on our creek are huge.

Aside from their "mini me" status, they also seemed a little less skittish than their larger relatives.  Not sure if it was because they were in an area that has way more people traffic, or if they are just a calmer species of shore bird.  Either way, I was happy this little guy or girl chose to pose for a few minutes.

It's cloudy but warmer today, and it's been spitting rain off an on since lunchtime.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a gully washer, so I plan to curl up with a warm cup of tea, watch movies on Netflix, and likely stay in my jammies for most of the day.

I made a grocery store run and visited an elderly friend today knowing that tomorrow wouldn't be a great day to be out.  Mr. Tide is half a world away, so the pups and I are all set for a quiet day of nothingness.

I picked these little violas up about a week ago to help convince myself that spring really will appear at some point.  As I was going through some of my images from this time last year, I realized that my yard was full of daffodils, my iris were blooming, and even the cherry blossoms were such luck this year.  

In time, this crazy weather will sort itself out and things will be in bloom once again.  I guess it's like the old saying can't have everything.  So I will choose to be content, thankful for so many things with all that is going on in the world right now, and happy that little violas can make the day a whole lot more cheerful!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos, Kat! It snowed here yesterday, but today it is in the mid-forties and some of the snow is finally disappearing. A jammie day is sounding very good to me right now, too...xo

  2. You too! Lovely blues

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  3. Lovely photos. I love violas. It's just rainy here today and the temperatures are a bit nippy but hope is out there as I see buds all over the tree outside of my art studio!

  4. Greetings from Palm Springs : )
    Heading home on Sunday--back
    to the snow. Luckily, it doesn't get
    me down!

    Love your blue themed pictures.
    Enjoy that cozy time with your pups!

    xo Suzanne

  5. il dolce far niente! aaaaaaaahhhh.....the sweetness of doing nothing!!! One of my most fave phrases learned in Italy!

    cannot imagine a better plan for a Saturday!! Enjoy! (it's pouring rain here now after a delicious steak dinner....may just grab my man of 36 yrs and have some dessert listening to it under our tin roof!!.....hahahaha....this dessert will be non-fattening!!!

  6. Sounds like you have a perfect plan for spending a grey, rainy day. Winnie and I are going out in a little while ... off to meet at Petco to take the Therapy Dog test. I want to do a few other things while we are out, but it will depend on the status of the weather.

    As far as I can tell, spring flowers are a full two weeks behind normal. Feels like I have been given two additional weeks to prep my garden, so I'm good with it.

    Have a lovely Saturday!

  7. Kat-- the blue heron pic is amazing!!

    It's raining here today-- supposed to snow tonight-- where is Spring??? I'm getting desperate here!

  8. Those are such sweet flowers. We were hiking a couple of days ago and saw tiny wild violas in the woods. I need to see if any of my photos came out good. Happy weekend my friend! I'm catching up with you today! Sweet hugs, Diane

  9. I looked at my images too and saw that so much more was in bloom. The trees had that pale green haze of new growth, the grass was green, and the azaleas were bright with color.

    I love quiet days of nothingness sometimes.

  10. It has been a long hard winter. I hope things will settle down soon and spring will make you forget the harsh and long winter VERY SOON!

    It is still cool here but we do have blooming scrubs and trees. I feel quilty to mention our nicer weather to those in other situations.

    Hang in there it will come.

  11. Your photos are stunning. So glad to have discovered your blog! I'll be following! ~Terri

  12. Beautiful photos, Kat. It has been so grim here - one day after the girls left for school I got back in bed; Mr. H came to check on me and I tearfully told him I was 'dying a little every day.' Seriously - total drama queen moment. But the sun is shining now, work is getting busy again and things are looking up!



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