Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pushing Myself...unlike some...

While I was on hiatus, I began the process of pushing myself...unlike some people (dogs) in these photos who will remain nameless! ;-)

I decided that instead of taking pictures that I thought might be marketable, I would focus on images that made me happy inside.

I realized that while I was in France last December, I rarely took pictures of people, yet it was often the people that I found to be the most interesting.  What held me back from taking images of people, besides the obvious concerns about privacy, etc., was the fact that I didn't think pictures with people in them would sell!

I had become so fixated on what would sell, that I lost site of what "I" really wanted to capture.  It's a tough thing to push past what will make you successful, and instead embrace personal success.  How many times have we heard people say, "I want to be successful at 'x, y, z,' but they never embrace that success isn't measured from the outside, but from the inside, and it's a life long process.

Now, in case you are thinking that I'm one tie-dyed shirt away from selling magic crystals on the internet, hear me out. 

I think that so many of us measure ourselves against the end result of something or someone.  We want to jump out of the gate painting like Michelangelo, singing like Sarah Brightman, and designing like Coco Chanel.  The truth is that all of those people developed their skills over time, and sure they had the talent from the get go, but it was their talent AND perseverance that ultimately led them to success.  I'm guessing the first step they had to take was to believe in themselves, and then to embrace the patience it takes to actually succeed.

So instead of focusing on the end result, the finish line, the "you've made it" award that so many of us yearn to have right after we begin something, whether it be a blog or a photography career, I am learning to enjoy the process.

Some days it's a b*$@&...trust me, patience is not my strong suit.  And some days when things work out I'm on top of the world, while other days I ask why I continue to even take pictures...but I know why, because I'm learning, growing, but most of all I'm edging ever closer to who I want to be.

And to help me grasp the concept of patience and mind over matter on days when I'm feeling a little sorry for myself, I watch a few good videos...like the one below.  Perspective is a wonderful thing my friends.  Now go grab that brass ring you're after...just don't be discouraged when the first 1000 are made of iron. :)