Sunday, November 4, 2012

If I Needed You

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments and support from my last post.  Some of you have emailed to ask if the split was with my art partner Mary Beth, and thankfully we are just fine.  The issue was with my business partner who I've been working with for many months now to create an online gallery to sell our artwork.

It wouldn't have been such a big deal, but I've been blessed with a wonderful opportunity which I will share with you soon, and that opportunity means I need a website in place by the end of this month.  The website with the other person has been dragging on for months now, and so last Wednesday I phoned to ask the status and drive home the urgency of completing the site.  Instead I found out what I had suspected all along, that the website was not going to happen.

What that means is that I will now be challenged with creating a website of my own in just a few short weeks, something I've never done before.  I have to say that although the immediate future will be stressful, I've already nearly completed the website in the span of about 4 days and sleepless nights, and I'm feeling strangely optimistic and excited about everything that has transpired!  The e-commerce hosting site has been hugely supportive and I can't thank my husband enough for watching youtube tutorial videos to help me while I created a logo and all of the graphics to fill the site.

There is lots more tweaking to be done, thumbnails to be uploaded, and pricing structure to be determined, but I'm moving forward and I actually believe that things will work out for the best in the long run.

Once again, when I needed you all to hold my hand and tell me everything would be ok, there you were.  And as always my family has lifted me up and made me believe that I can do anything.  For these blessings I will be forever grateful

If you have read my blog for any amount of time then you likely know that I feel deeply connected to family and friends who are no longer with me.  I often feel their presence and see signs they send me letting me know that they are ok and that I will be too in times of trouble.  

The day after I had the phone conversation that rocked my little world last week, I was all alone and sitting at my desk trying to wrap my head around how this would all shake out.  I'm normally pretty good in the midst of a crisis, but even I was having trouble with the notion of all that lay ahead of me, and self doubt started rearing its ugly head.  And then I heard it, just as clear as day and as if she were standing right beside me.  It was my mother's voice, a voice I haven't heard for over 8 years since she passed away.  She said "you can do this!"  And it was at that very moment that I knew she was right, I could do this...and more importantly I would do this!

I guess sometimes we just need to hear that from our mom, that unconditional love and support that can come from a mother who believes in you, whether she is here in the flesh or walking beside you in spirit.  

I heard a tiny bit of the song below yesterday in the movie The Stepmom, and I thought it summed it up in a way I will never be able to.  And for all of those who are struggling tonight, wondering if you can make it, pick up the pieces, and face what lies ahead, no matter the challenge, I hope you hear a voice that will bring you comfort.


  1. You are right, it doesn't matter how old we are we still need to hear our Mother's voices. The song is so poignant for me this weekend. I cannot listen to it fully with my heart aching. I will return. Wishing you great success.

  2. I do believe that God puts those voices there when we need them. I was once so stricken with grief that I didn't know which way to turn....I was in pain-real deep pain. I FELT my father right beside me..and he had been gone for 30 years at that point...I was just a girl when he died. I knew then that I would be all right. And now you, too, know that you will be all right come what may- xo Blessings- xo Diana

  3. As ever, I wish you all the best. Things sometimes happen for a reason, and this could be a good thing for you.

  4. I have had those experiences but not with voices. So I do understand. Sorry about the breakup. Better things coming up it sounds. Do you follow Brenda or Claudia......they could help you.

  5. You can do it and you re doing it Kat. This is better for you than finding out you don't have a true partner further down the road. Mother knows best!

  6. I am happy your risilence is bringing positive results. All the best for you . . . love the spirit connection with your mom.
    Continue . . . "you can do this!"

  7. I found out the hard way that I did not have a good partner, much better to discover that you are better on your own with this NOW, rather than later when you have invested so much more in the partnership. You Go Girl!

  8. This sent shivers thru me...I hear my grandmother all the time or see little things that only she and I know about...puts my heart at ease.
    I have all the faith in you! Whatever you put your mind to, you will be able to accomplish! I look forward, (with excitement!)to your website!
    xo Cindy

  9. Cherokee Indians say we reap in 1 decade what we've sown in another, usually 12 year cycles.

    I'm reaping HUGE, beyond my imagination, a loss incurred Dec. 1999.

    All of the hardwork, heartache, and more, have been worth every ounce of happiness I'm reaping now. No regrets for past choices.

    A blessing this person let you down. Now, the right things will be done.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  10. What a touching story! She is right. You can do this. keep us posted :)

  11. Your post today made me tear up. I too believe in signs. My dear father in law passed away on May 18 of this year. Since then, we've received so many signs from him that he is ok. The signs have been mostly of birds-them singing loudly at the burial, them flying over my husband's head and shrieking loudly when he tees off at the golf course (he and his father were best friends and long time golf buddies) and finding huge bird feathers at our doorstep when we were particularly down. Actually, there have been too many signs to list. I do understand how comforting those signs have been-even for my husband who never believed in signs until now. I am really glad that your mother came to you during a really difficult time for you. I really enjoy your blog and your photography. Your talent is amazing! Take care and hugs, Meghan

  12. This is such a beautiful and uplifting post Kat. I truly believe in signs and communications from our loved ones from the other side. Thank you so much for sharing this. xo

  13. Well, now I get it. I think this is why I don't like to do things with least I know if I fail, it will be on my shoulders and not because of someone else not holding up their end. I think you will be better off in the long run, but I'm sure you are exhausted. I too feel my mom guiding me often...I don't actually hear her voice, but I know her so well that I just know what she would tell me. We never get over missing them, do we?


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