Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wish You Were Here

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments about our new chairs, we really are loving them!

This has been a crazy week with work stuff, spending 6 hours in the ER with our daughter (who is feeling better but still needs to figure out what's going on), and then Mr. Tide had to head to France with only a few hours notice.  Never a dull moment around here I can tell you that!

Can I just say that I'm a teensy weensy bit jealous that Mr. Tide is in France...ok, I'm actually green with envy.  I would have gone with him, but stupid me let my passport lapse, it expired in could I let that happen?!  So instead of visiting local brocantes, exploring tiny villages, and taking pictures of the south of France, I'm here watering plants, sweating, and wishing I had renewed my passport like I knew I should.

Because Mr. Tide goes to some very interesting places for his work he often remarks that it's not someplace I would enjoy or even a place that he would like to go back to, but when he lands in France that is never the case.  I just got off the phone with him and it looks like he will be heading to Paris tomorrow...sigh!  He did at least say "wish you were here,"...and all I can say to that too!

I hope you each have a wonderful week!


  1. Oh Kat....I wish you could be there with your hubby too.
    I hope your daughter is okay.

  2. I'll bet you've caused a stampede in homes all over blogdom - everyone running to check passport expiry dates. We can't even nip below the 49th parallel (wait!...we actually live below the 49th!) without a passport, so it's essential to keep it current. So sorry that you're unable to join your hubby - especially to an area you love.

  3. Hope you daughter feels better soon! Now, get that passport renewed!

  4. What a bummer about the passport. I hope you are working on getting it renewed. Stat! Sorry to hear about your daughter - hope she feels better.

  5. Oh dear Kat, that is a pity! You might feel easier though knowing you are available if your daughter needs you.

  6. Oh no - what a thing to happen. Paris sounds so nice too (sigh). Hope your daughter is better soon.

  7. Kat-- I hope your daughter is on the mend-- 6 hours in the ER is no picnic for sure.

    Oh I'm so sorry to hear this story about your passport!! I'd be sick too!! So the new application is in the mail now- right???

    I hope he brings you back a pretty present!!!


  8. I was without a computer for a while so I'm way out of the loop...sorry your daughter was sick, I'll check out the chairs and I can't imagine suddenly being sent to France for work! My husband gets sent to little Illinois towns for his!

  9. Ouch...I bet that expired passport hurt! Hopefully you can find something special to do this week, too! Hope your daughter is better soon!

  10. Lord love ya, woman! That is SOOOO sad- I just got my own passport renewed! You should have called me-I would have gone with him. He could introduced me as his doddering old mother and I would have taken a ton of pictures for you. Blessings- He will be home before you know it-xo Diana

  11. Kat,
    Oh what a bummer...this sounds like something that I would do. Go update it and be all ready for the next one.


  12. All I can think to say is "OUCH"...that's gotta hurt. Sure hope you take care of that passpost before his next trip...and that he brings you home a terrific souvenir...and I don't mean a t-shirt!
    Hope your daughter is okay.

  13. Oh, my! Who wouldn't wish to be in France?!? Are you able to renew your passport without going through the entire beginning process since it has expired?

    I hope there are some answers to your daughter's problems soon.

  14. Prayers for your sweet daughter!

    Ahhhh, to go to France just once!


  15. Oh, MAN! To even go along on a bus ride through the countryside...and maybe stop at a French bakery and buy some bread and savor.every.bite...I'm sure he's having a great time!


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